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I am an integrative psychotherapist. I want to help you to develop your biggest potential and support you to walk on your true path in life with my profession and expertise.

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Courage is having fear and doing it anyway.


Integrative Psychotherapy

Yumin’s approach is Integrative Psychotherapy. Her therapeutic philosophy is to help clients achieve self-awareness where she introduces tools that help clients independently manage their emotions, change destructive behavior and raise awareness.

Public Speaking and Workshop

Yumin has shared her professional knowledge and life experience in different conferences. She hopes that through interactions in public lectures and workshops, more people can understand intergrative psychotherapy, gain tools for self-discovery and growth, and in turn make better career and life plans for a fulfilling and happy life.



Understanding Trauma Through  Brain Structure

Understanding Trauma Through Brain Structure

Bessel van der Kolk, a US psychiatrist, defines trauma as an experience or disaster that leaves people in a state of helplessness and terror, thereby losing the ability to deal with the problems, threats and disasters in everyday life. Traumatic incidents can cause profound and lasting changes in our physiology, emotions, cognition and memory, as well as cutting off the connections between these four components.

Does Astrology Have Any Scientific Basis?

Does Astrology Have Any Scientific Basis?

In conclusion, the reason why astrology has gained such a negative reputation in the scientific and academic fields over the past decades is because the majority of astrologists have emphasized on foretelling and making predictions, rather than focusing on a person’s inner life. Using astrology as a tool for self-development and achievement should be the direction for modern astrology.

3 Ways to Nurture Your Emotions

Do emotions get the best of you? Acceptance and nurturing are the first steps to taking back control. We tend to avoid, hide or numb our emotions. However, emotions don’t disappear just because we won’t face them. It will change form and may show up destructively in different areas of our life. Today, I will talk about how to identify, express, and manage our emotions.

5 Warning Signs of Dating Violence and How to Seek Help

Dating violence is when one person tries to control the other through verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. It may happen in heterosexual, homosexual or other sexual minority groups. In this video, I introduce different types of dating violence and warning signs to be aware of…

5 Misconceptions About Mental Health

Managing our mental health is as important as our physical health. We all visit our doctor during an illness, but we should also seek help if we experience psychological challenges. There are still stigmas in society that prevent people experiencing mental health issues to speak up and ask for help.

How to Reduce Anxiety Through Meditation

It is common for us to feel anxious during important events in life such as public speaking, a job interview, or going on a first date. Today, I will teach a 3-minute meditation that can quickly help reduce your anxiety.



Integrated Psychotherapy

During my senior year in high school, I was under intense pressure due to college applications. This triggered painful childhood memories where I began questioning many aspects of my life. I am grateful to Yumin for her help during our counseling sessions. She listened patiently and offered support and encouragement to help me through this difficult time. In fact, she helped keep me from having a break down several times…

College student, Massachusetts

Astrological Consultation

My reading with Yumin Tan was extremely gratifying and insightful. I felt the combination of her knowledge as an astrologer and her intuitive acumen worked well together to advise me on next steps. The form of astrology she utilizes, Evolutionary Astrology, does not “predict” outcomes, but rather leaves it up to you. The element of individual “choice” was made clear, so I never felt like I was seeing a “fortune teller” but rather receiving good counsel from someone with another perspective on my current situation…

Associate Professor, Providence

Integrated Psychotherapy

I enjoyed Yumin’s counseling approach. Before meeting Yumin, I didn’t know much about psychotherapy and had preconceived notions. I struggled for a long time before going into therapy. After working with Yumin, I realized that many people had the same problems as I did. I am not “abnormal.” At different stages of life, everyone needs to take the time to look inside and reflect for a deeper understanding of themselves…

Interior designer, Shanghai



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