3 Ways to Nurture Your Emotions

Do emotions get the best of you?

Acceptance and nurturing are the first steps to taking back control. We tend to avoid, hide or numb our emotions. However, emotions don’t disappear just because we won’t face them. It will change form and may show up destructively in different areas of our life.

Today, I will talk about how to identify, express, and manage our emotions.

5 Warning Signs of Dating Violence and How to Seek Help

Dating violence is when one person tries to control the other through verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. It may happen in heterosexual, homosexual or other sexual minority groups.

In this video, I introduce different types of dating violence and warning signs to be aware of. I will also discuss where you can seek help and how to develop a safety plan if you are in a violent relationship. 

What Are Your Defense Mechanisms?

Sigmund Freud originally introduced the theory of Defense Mechanisms.

In this context, defense implies protection and means we use various psychological strategies to avoid or reduce anxiety. We may not be aware that we have Defense Mechanisms. They are usually quick and unconscious.

In this video, I will introduce 9 common types of Defense Mechanisms. They can either have a negative or positive impact. They may keep us from losing control of our emotions or prevent feelings of anxiety. However, they can also stop us from facing reality and have us live in denial. If you have concerns about your own Defense Mechanisms, you may want to seek help from a mental health professional.

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