Integrative Psychotherapy

JOHN  Entrepreneur, New York City

I was going through an extremely stressful time when I considered quitting my job to start my own business. There were so many uncertainties and things to plan for. I am grateful to Yumin for guiding me through one difficult situation after another. For over two years, she helped me understand my feelings, manage stress, and face my fears. I can now move on with more determination.

MARIA – Interior designer, Shanghai

I enjoyed Yumin’s counseling approach. Before meeting Yumin, I didn’t know much about psychotherapy and had preconceived notions. I struggled for a long time before going into therapy. After working with Yumin, I realized that many people had the same problems as I did. I am not “abnormal.” At different stages of life, everyone needs to take the time to look inside and reflect for a deeper understanding of themselves.

Yumin’s approach also taught me that our negative energy, anxiety, depression and other emotions could be stored in our bodies. If we don’t pay attention to our mental health, it can affect our physical health in the long run. I’m so glad that I finally had the courage to seek help.

CRYSTAL – College student, Massachusetts

During my senior year in high school, I was under intense pressure due to college applications. This triggered painful childhood memories where I began questioning many aspects of my life. I am grateful to Yumin for her help during our counseling sessions. She listened patiently and offered support and encouragement to help me through this difficult time. In fact, she helped keep me from having a break down several times.

Together, we worked on ways to begin facing painful memories from my childhood. Yumin was very patient, thoughtful, and created a safe space for me to express my feelings. These conversations always provided me with great insights and a deeper understanding of my past.

With her support, I grew confident in my interpersonal relationships, academic studies, and personal finances. I also learned how to let go of resentment and forgive those who hurt me in the past. Yumin helped me see all the endless possibilities for my future. I am forever grateful to Yumin for her help and guidance.

ERIC – Financial analyst, New York City

After completing graduate school in New York, I began facing many challenges. I had to decide whether or not to go back to China or to stay in the United States. During this time, I was focused on finding a job, networking with peers, and try to start dating. My life was filled with stress and I was confused and anxious about my future.


Yumin helped me clarify my priorities. This enabled me to focus on what was most important to me and avoid wasting time and energy on insignificant things. Yumin also helped me overcome my social phobia, which made me more confident and relaxed when communicating with others.

XiaoHua – Advertising director, Guangzhou

I decided to try counseling with Yumin when my family began urging me to get married. I didn’t want to get married, but I also didn’t want to hurt my family’s feelings. These conflicting goals made me upset and uncomfortable. I was confused about what to do. Yumin gradually helped me understand that I was actually avoiding intimacy. I slowly began opening up to others.


At the same time, I learned how to communicate my feelings and get along better with my family. This reduced my stress and made me more comfortable to pursue a romantic relationship. Yumin wouldn’t shy away from the important issues. She encouraged me to face my fears and shortcomings in a safe environment. Yumin never criticized me or put me on the defensive and I always felt accepted throughout the process. She gave me the support I needed to face my inner conflict.

Astrological Chart Interpretation

JingWen – PhD Candidate in Psychology, Beijing

In order to learn more about my astrology sign, I would search the Internet. But, Yumin was the first person to systematically analyze it for me. We chatted for more than two hours before I even realized it. It was a real learning experience. Not only did she analyze the characteristics of my sun, moon and rising signs for me based on conventional information, but she also told me what I should focus on.


She planted the seed of faith in my heart. For example, I always had doubts about my ability to be a leader. Sometimes I believed I could be a good leader, but many times I doubted myself. Yumin provided an interpretation of my sun and moon sign relationship. She cleared up my confusion and then eased my doubts. I discovered that the curiosity and ability to learn is my true nature. But, I would always doubt whether I learned enough. It is this constant internal conflict that triggers much of my self-doubt. This new insight helped me have more confidence in myself, and make decisions with courage.

Remarkably, Yumin’s natal chart reading reinforced my established beliefs. She told me to listen to my inner voice, follow my own path, and discover something I am truly passionate about. If these all elements come together, than life would become meaningful for me. She encouraged me not to be anxious about success, be patient, but be prepared when life offers its opportunities. This was valuable insight for an impatient person like me.

Yumin’s astrological reading is not fortune telling. It was more like a big sister that encourages and cautions you gently. She’s rational, soft and compassionate. She is like a guiding light helping us follow the right direction.

JENNIFER Psychotherapist, New York City

I always thought that astrological readings were just for fun. But, my first reading with Yumin surprised me. She patiently explained the basic concepts from my natal chart and the basis for chart interpretation. This year, whether in my work or personal life, I have often felt restless and unsure where to go next. After Yumin’s reading, I felt that she not only made a precise interpretation of my personality (naturally, there were two opposite energies in conflict in my natal chart), but she also led me to a clearer understanding of why I felt so restless this year (the two energies have been seesawing, and I need to learn how to balance them so that they can coexist).

I appreciate Yumin’s reading, and I also like the fact that she’s not just being nice, she is being honest about what I need to focus on. Yumin will not predict your future. She will provide an objective and rational explanation and analysis of the natal chart and help you plan the next step in life with care and awareness. Thank you, Yumin.

KATHLEEN Manager of International Development, Aerospace Manufacturing, Florida

Yumin did a reading for me, and it was quite extraordinary. I am delighted in remembering our conversation, because the main takeaway from the reading was “it’s not well-defined, but it’s big. This is really big”. And it is! I am in major life transition, leaving one income source, going to something new and so much more soul-satisfying, while also breathtaking. Hearing the words from Yumin’s mouth, while she doesn’t know me, validated what I had been sensing and encouraged me to leap. Of course there was much more to the reading, about my life and what fits/doesn’t, and what Yumin explained is consistent with who I am. What I especially enjoyed about my reading with her, was that it was not “textbook ‘the stars are aligned and will move…’”, but I really felt gently heard and seen in our conversation. She listened and interacted with me and the universe. Thanks, Yumin!

EMILY – PhD Student, Connecticut

Yumin did a reading for me right before I was about to enter a graduate degree program to study theology. I was amazed by her findings (she did not know I was planning to enter school to study religion) and I found her reading to be incredibly insightful. She broke down the information in a way that clearly showed me my path forward, and provided clarity to a lot of the struggles I was having about reconciling my past with this new direction in my life. I am so grateful to her for her observations and I hope to return to her in the future.

MALAYA – Creative Director, New York City

My readings with Yumin really made me a believer in the gentle power that self-awareness through an astrology reading could bring to my daily perspective. This happened in several ways, her astrology reading brought to my awareness patterns of behavior that I am prone to due to my birth chart and therefore allowed me to understand myself better and adjust accordingly from it. The other really exciting thing I noticed after both of my readings is how accurate the readings were regarding past events, present predicaments and in retrospect what she noticed may be ahead of me for the future. Knowing these things can help bring a sense of greater order and imbue it with a sense of purpose when life seems chaotic and random. Her interpretation and readings was one that felt like it aimed at helping me understand more about myself to give me more power in the choices I made and calmed me down about events or my own behavior I was frustrated with. I highly recommend a reading with Yumin, I reference some of the insights she shared with me from each of my reading frequently and think of it warmly!

KYM – Associate Professor, Providence

My reading with Yumin Tan was extremely gratifying and insightful. I felt the combination of her knowledge as an astrologer and her intuitive acumen worked well together to advise me on next steps. The form of astrology she utilizes, Evolutionary Astrology, does not “predict” outcomes, but rather leaves it up to you. The element of individual “choice” was made clear, so I never felt like I was seeing a “fortune teller” but rather receiving good counsel from someone with another perspective on my current situation. For example, I was just about to purchase a house, which was a “good” thing. But she also advised that I delay the move in date post closing in order to get some work done. This was something I had already planned to do, but hearing it from her affirmed that I was just being a high maintenance perfectionist. The work in fact needed to be done and I have just moved into my newly minted home with greater ease, comfort and peace of mind. I will definitely schedule a follow up with her in about 6 months to check in on whatever is next. Terrific astrologer! Sensitive, thoughtful, and extremely grounded. Highly recommended by someone who has been working with various astrologers, psychics, etc since 1979!


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