Astrological Consultation

Astrology can provide profound insight into your soul’s deepest desires and why you are the way you are. It uncovers what could trigger important events in your life, and how they might influence you. This insight can shed more light into your past and opportunities for your future. My consultation is divided into 2 sessions.


Session 1

$175 per Hour 

I use astrology to analyze the purpose and intention for your soul in this world. We explore the challenges and opportunities you might face, and how you can achieve your biggest potential.

Intimate relationships and career choices have a big impact on our overall fulfillment. We will discuss your pathway in how to obtain happiness in these critical areas and uncover your life’s calling.


Session 2

$175 per Hour

I combine the information in your astrological chart and changes in planetary energies to provide a comprehensive assessment of your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Together, we will set goals, and develop action plans. In addition, I will train you on basic meditation techniques and provide a set of meditation exercises suited personally for you to practice at home.


保持联系/Keep in Touch

您将获得最新心理学科普知识,线下活动安排及玉敏的心得分享等信息。You will receive the latest psychology knowledge, off-site activities and Yumin’s experience sharing.

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